QaptaHvIS pIm leQ jan

陕西卓越国际有限公司 | Updated: Jul 28, 2016

circuit breakers:

chenmoH Qu'mey potlh Hoch ghor 'emvo' ratings, vo' mach inductive 'ej capacitive load Qu'mey potlh porghDaj circuit yopwaH bID naQ Qu'mey potlh 'ej moH bopummeH Hoch pIch je neH HoS supply pat, such as tera' pIch, phase opposition, scope 'ej ngaj.

boch chemvaH Ho'Du':

Qu'mey potlh porghDaj moH rate motlh Qu'mey potlh DItulbogh leQ 'ej nIv'e' yopwaH bID circuits (Sovbe'bogh rur rate yopwaH bID circuit chenmoH Qu'mey potlh).

disconnectors (isolators):

yan no-load closing 'ej yo'SeH poSmoH. Qap downstreamisolate jan vaj laH Qap chaH.

disconnectors wej-position:

QamchoHmo' jIblIj Hoch, disconnecting 'ej qaStaHvIS wa' jan tera' Qap tlhegh. wej-position disconnectors typical gis-SIp insulated switchgear.

disconnectors (load ghor boch chemvaH Ho'Du') leQ:

combination boch chemvaH Ho'Du' jej 'ej disconnector, boch chemvaH Ho'Du' jej chuq isolating joq.


load jan ghor je vuS yopwaH bID circuit chenmoH pagh capacity ghor. lo' chaH jen leQ rates.

boch chemvaH Ho'Du' tera' :

tera' isolate circuits.

QutwI'-tob tera' boch chemvaH Ho'Du' (tera' boch chemvaH Ho'Du' je capacity chenmoH):

lo' QaD tera' circuits, vabDot voltage SaH, je SepDaq wanI' 'e' circuit tera' 'oHbe' bong isolate.

arresters jer:

luH discharge loads pong lightning strikes (external overvoltages) pagh (internal overvoltages) pIch yo'SeH tera' je leQ. chaH rar luch against impermissibly jen voltages QaD.


consist fuse waw' fuse link je. ghaH waw' fuse, laH cher isolate chuq HeghDI' DaqaSmoH fuse link 'e' yIQoy pa' de-energize je (rur neH disconnector). lo' fuse link wa' Vas breaking yopwaH bID circuit Qu'mey potlh.

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