jav-figure yo'SeH SuwamHa'bej

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i. application

lo' jav-figure SuwamHa'bej recording amount electric signal poH. je QamchoHmo' jIblIj Hoch tlhegh je secondary parameters, laH lo' chaH law' bey' digital jan electric pulse neH petroleum, chemical engineering, textile industry, mIqta', mining, national Hub, Satlh, Soj printing, 'ej etc yotlh 'ech.

ghu'vam. Working principle

armature escapement mechanism vay' mI' rutlh tlhe' 'ej 'ech pong decade yItungHa', qaH QaQ vaj chenmoH electric signal inputs vaj SuwamHa'bej, baS suction electromagnet lIng.

'AY' WEJ. potlhmo' technical De'

1. digits 'ech: 6 digits (106)

2.max. nitlhDaj lo'laHghach lo'taHvIS boQwI'vaD tu'moH: 999999;

3. Qagh nitlhDaj lo'laHghach lo'taHvIS boQwI'vaD tu'moH: 0;

4.min. Hong width (-DoH): dc 20/20 ms, ac 50/50 ms;

5.on-load factor (DeSDu' 20): 100%;

6. chaw' fluctuation range input voltage:±10%;

7. rated voltage, ratio, supply Se', HoS je rate 'ech ripple;

8. yIn leH pagh: 4×107 poH;

9.weight: around 170 g;

10. installation dimension: legh attach raS.

rate voltage



12V GHAP 24V


ratio ghap supply Se' ripple


50 ~ 60 hz




rate 'ech

25 poH ghap s

10 poH ghap s

iv. Usage storage 'ej

1. ambient Hat:-20~+50℃;

2. pagh SIp pagh nojtaHghach chaq baS ragh, mep qantaHvIS pagh insulation Qaw' 'e'.

contact De'

shaanxi joyelectric international co., Ltd.

mIw'e' vagh: no.38 gaoxin road, baoji, shaanxi, jungwoq 721000,

tel: +86 917 3433818

nav: +86 917 3433818


skype: bjanna981106

QQ: 2223132703

website: www.joyelectric-china.com (m.joyeletric-china.com mobile)

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