'utmo' Dujvam Medium Voltage Indoor ghap Outdoor embed DuraS

陕西卓越国际有限公司 | Updated: Sep 07, 2016

vaj lIH naDev vIvut maH ghel vIHtaHbogh 'utmo' Dujvam embed DuraS 'e' taHtaHghach rIp DuraS, 'op customers.

DuraS embedded epoxy, pagh vacuum interrupters, vacuum interrupters je epoxy resin embedded, tIDIngmoH pong vacuum interrupters, circuit 'elbogh qach 'ej mounting 'ay' je epoxy woDlu'chugh quvHa'moHlaHbe' integral lopno'pong .

'elbogh 'utmo' Dujvam cham (taHtaHghach ghom pagh mInDu'lIj DuraS pat) jen HoS dielectric law' law' Dunmo' protection against environmental SIgh. vacuum interrupter embed neH resin QutwI' DuraS particularly sturdy 'ej interrupter QaD mup, dust deposits 'ej humidity. chut lulajpu'bogh compact, robust 'ej modular. latlh potlh 'utmo' Dujvam nom 'ej ngeD rIp pretest 'ej lIS DuraS vacuum circuit breakers.

embed DuraS ghap resin vacuum interrupter casting epoxy resin nav qatwI', silicon tIn mInDu'Daj 'ej boch latex, cu-cr contact interrupter tIq creepage chuq HIvje'-tu'lu'bej contact holder axial chem, qaStaHvIS accordant indoor 'ej outdoor vacuum circuit breaker pagh jan vacuum distribution latlh jom adopting je. especially ngat HoS electric, mechanical, chemical 'ej metallurgical departments law' law' vIghaj 'ej latlh industrial departments nuqDaq Qap 'oH pIj.

DuraS vo' maHvaD embedded tlham revan.

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