vacuum Interrupter Features

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medium voltage circuit breaker, LUT VAGHlatlh arc-merlu'taH media, such as oil pagh sf6 SIp, law' leQ applications neH medium-voltage mIch DaHjaj largely ngaSwI' yuvtlhe' wIngaQmoHta'DI' acuum.ngoSvacuum interrupterchaq HIvje' ceramic nav qatwI', botlh-ta'wIj'e' pagh pagh Hap 'u' contact inner tI' yoD je cucr. chem distribution reasonable 'ej HIp jIHMej laH, stability capacity ghor ghur chenmoH optimize chut lulajpu'bogh HIvje'-tu'lu'bej axial chem electrode. insulate patlh Dub le' conditionning mIw.


§nI' yIn, jen reliability'ej yIqaw

§nom speed qagh'ej arc poH ngaj

§ngIm recovery dielectric

§voltages withstand cycle jen

§environmentally friendly

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