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bIraqlul 'ay' abb ghap siemens Vacuum circuit breaker 'ej gis 'ej

陕西卓越国际有限公司 | Updated: Aug 30, 2016

pa' 'e' ra' pov chavmoH overseas clients offering, bIraqlul 'ay' 'ej qeq wey 'op reputable vacuum circuit breaker (vcb) 'ej gis. nom chavmoH ngeD qa'meH clients QIH 'ay' ngo' vcb 'ej gis je brand abb, qem taS siemens, schneider, eaton, areva, ge, mitsubishi etc.

DaH nobvam bIraqlul:

poSDI' 'ej coils

latch coils


oil buffer

boch chemvaH Ho'Du' chach

mechanism 'or

tulip contact

Dun Sar wovbe' DuH, latlh De' 'ay' ghaj, woQ contact jISaHchugh bel.

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