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JuH > qatlh joyelectric

l tlhoS 20 DISSIQpu'boghs mIp neH teywI' HoS transmission 'ej distribution; yIvoqQo' DaH tay'jaj Qu'vam provider qoch je.

l capable comprehensive taS vo' chut lulajpu'bogh development& DuHIvDI'sample →batchmanufacturing-delivery poH. 'ay', luch law' law' mIw HablI' yuvtlhe'.

l World-class reliable laHlIj, competitive 'ay' considerable chavmoH SIjbogh DIlmeH yablaH DIlmeH 'ej.

l tIgh chenmoH oem 'ej lupoQ.

l reH Qam neH position not neH manufacturer 'ej supplier, 'ach je je' consultant.

l nom QumpIn, technical Qutlh 'ej Qapchu' quote.

[lay' nIvbogh qoch wa', lu' maHvaD contact. ghaHDaq BERNARDO?

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